Sun Beds Versa Spa Lumiere Custom Airbrushing Fit Body Wrap

Versa Spa

We are delighted to offer our customers the brand new Versa Spa private spray tan booth at all our locations. This is how you always hoped spray tanning would feel and look. The booth is preheated to a perfect temperature before you enter it. The voice prompts guide you through every step, teaching you how to stand, and what is going to happen next before it happens. You are dried between each application. When you get out there is no need to dry off. You are already completely dry and you may dress right away. The Versa Spa has over 80 different combinations of tan you may choose from before going to the room…different levels of darkness, with or without bronzer, extra face passes, extra leg passes, face only, with or without the luxurious after-tan moisturizer….you name it. You choose the tan that is perfect for you with the receptionist, go into the room, and the machine does the rest. It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful,..…it even smells nice afterwards. This is spray tanning as it should be.